Angelic Help

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There are many Angels in the angelic realms and each angel has its own duties and can help us with different issues.Glorius July is filled with bright flowers, butterflies,birds, blue skies and oppertunities to celebrate outdoor life with friends and family. All this bounty has the extra blessing of Verchiel the Angel of Affection. Playful VERCHIEL encourages you to get some rest and relaxation, feel good about what you have achieved and be joyful.He teaches the important truth, that happiness is wanting what you have, rather than having what you want.What really brings you fulfillment? Chances are it lies all around you, and can be bought by a smile, rather than cold cash.Verchiel also brings the gift of clarity.As ruler of the sun, his golden light reveals what is really important to you and enables you to express your nobility and generosity.His gifts are also language, maths and a sharp intellect, so why not use some of that time spent on the sun-lounger to brush up your skills? Verchiel can show you exciting new ways to express yourself...           Till next time enjoy the sunshine and relax

How To Improve Your Life

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Hi all my next few blogs are going to give tips on how to improve your life...This will allow you to empower yourself should you choose to follow the tips given...Sometimes we moan and complain about how bad our lives are when all the time we have the power within us to improve it as it is truly only yourself that can do this below are some tips on how to change your life for the better...

Be Creative change perspective THINK out of THE BOX

Creativity itself is defined by thinking out of the box of the set of the usual paradigms.It is domain of all healthy individuals. Should they wish to exercise it that is! How? Simply by practising more and more seeing things through different lenses of observation and understanding.Leonardo Da Vinci once said that it is the sign of the mind of genius to be able to hold two opposite views with the same validity simultaneously.Do whatever it takes to acquire new and inspiring perceptions of everything that you already know, and or observing as anew now.Ask helpful questions, improvise innovate have fun and if everything else fails do a headstand that changes your perspective too, quite literally which may help you acquire a new perspective mentally as well...

Strengthening Relationships

Listen to the story of an ELDER PERSON

Create space where you can listen to someones story, all of their ambitions, dreams and paths they treaded.An afternoon tea and attentive ear will be much appreciated by a speaker who wants to share the legacy of their life with you.All would benefit greatly on different fronts.Hopefully you will end up with a bucket full of moving inspirations, higher perceptions about the value of time, decisions not to repeat mistakes, and resolutions to seize the oppertunities life has to offer.Again if you cannot find someone in the circle of your family or friends try visiting an old folks home in your area you will be amazed at how interesting and inspiring their stories will be...

Soulmate or Twin Flame

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We all have relationships in life and we may feel we have met our soulmate or twin flame..If you want to find out if your current partnership or a past union, is a soulmate or twin flame relationship, see how many points you tick off on the lists below...Put your love to the test...

You're soulmates if

One partner is reluctant to fully commit to the relationship

The relationship starts on a high but deteriorates or needs constant work and effort

One of you tries to force change or bullies or tries to control the other

There's competition between you, or resentment of each others success

One partner feels jealous, insecure or abandond when the other is pursuing their own interests

One of you has to supress large parts of yourself to fit what your partner expects of you

There's a real sense of duty, debt or unfinished business - karma or a hidden agenda, perhaps

Physical intimacy between you feels forced or demanded

One of you is dependent on the other to the point where you couldnt survive alone

One or both partners are so absorbed in the relationship that they cant function in the world often getting ill...

You're Twin Flames If

You unconditionally love and accept each other

Each partner offers the other respect and recognition

You support each other to be who you are

You share a mutually uncompetitive complementary attitude

There's total honesty, intimacy and trust from the beginning

Adjustments to things such as living arrangements are willingly made

You display reciprocal feelings and behaviours in the relationship

Your recognition of each other goes beyond the sexual - including gentle, daily physical interaction such as touching and hugging

You each take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, actions and happiness

Your energised by the sense of loving and being loved

The magic and wonder never fades

I hope you enjoy this and it may help answer some questions for you about relationships you have had or are in...Till next time love light and blessings....

More Crystals

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Hi All

Today I'm going to give you the names of some more crystals and how they can be used...


Is green in colour and is a gentle healer that stimulates psychic perception.It is good for helping with eczema, nausea, sinusitis, hypertension and headaches...It is a very calming comforting stone and can bring feelings of security and love.It absorbs electromagnetic smog and is also a stone of financial wealth...


This stone is green in colour dappled with red patches this stone is related to the root chakra.It can aid with colds, flu, throat and bladder infections, lupus disease, circulation and M.E. Bloodstone is thought to be helpful in treatment of leukaemia removing toxin from the blood.It is also helpful for stress, anxiety and can give courage to the owner...

I hope you are enjoying learning about crystals and how they can aid illness and help empower you...Thanks for looking in till next time...Love light and blessings..

Their Union Is Meant To Be

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Today I'am going to the wedding of two friends Ive known from primary school...Karen and Peter met at Springfield Primary and where childhood sweethearts, in later years they parted each meeting new partners and marrying...Around 6yrs ago Peter asked me if I still saw Karen and would I pass his number on to her which I did, after a while they became an item again their love being rekindle after all those years...Today I will be there as they exchange their vows to each other as their love for each other has come full circle from child to adult happy in the knowledge they where meant to be together...All sounds a bit fairy tale but it shows in the world as it is today fairy tales do happen as their love has never died, sometimes we have to let the one we are in love with go to spread their wings, but deep within always knowing they will come back to us...We can all love another but to be in love with another is different our love is unconditional and the flame never goes out no matter how many years have passed...Wishing Karen and Peter a marriage filled with love,peace,happiness blessed by the Angels congratualtions you two......xxxxx

Balancing the Chakras Using Crystals

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It is important to keep our chakras balanced we can do this with the help of crystals...We have seven major chakra points on our body which all have a specific colour relating to them...We can balance the chakras by placing the relevant colour of crystal on the corresponding chakra point... This is best done lying down comfortably for around 10 - 20 minutes, start at the crown chakra which is on top of the head, then the brow chakra which is in the middle of the forehead also known as the third eye, next is the throat chakra which is just above the collar bone, next the heart chakra which is in the middle of the breast bone, then the solar plexus chakra which is just above the belly button, the sacral chakra which is slightly above the pubic bone and finally the root chakra  which is inbetween the top of the thighs.


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Hi All

Hope you are well and life is good also enjoying this lovely weather we are having the sun shine lifts our spirits...I'm going to speak about crystals and how they can help in everyday life, they can also help with ailments, finances, protection and emotional issues...Lets talk about some of the most popular crystals, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Citrine. If you keep a piece of each of the above in any room in your home they will keep the energy in that room balanced, they also help to dispel electromagnetic smog which comes from electrical equipment like T.V.'s , DVD players etc, as this type of energy can be harmful to us...Rose Quartz is pink healing stone and is known as the stone of unconditional love. It both attracts love to those who carry or wear itnand teaches self love. It is said to be good for asthma, infertility, reducing swelling, hypertension, bruises and sciatica.Rose Quartz calms and heals the mind allowing you to let go of worry or fear. It is good for healing old emotional wounds...

Amethyst is a violet stone which helps develop your psychic abilities.It is know as one of the master healers and would be a good choice for anyone with asthma, addictions, headaches, phobias, miscarriage and menopause or pre menstrual tension. It is also a good choice for stress and anxiety and is useful for sending out absent healing. Amethyst also strengthens the immune system and is thought to improve healing...

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer and can really be used for any condition. It is a good crystal for meditation and strengthening spiritual connection. It is especially good for avoiding colds and flu during those winter months. It is also thought to be good for Lupus disease, M.E. , concentration and decision making so would make a great study aid. Clear Quartz is thought to be an energy amplifier...

Citrine is a lovely golden yellow colour and is known as The Merchants Stone as it attracts financial wealth. It is also good for constipation, thyroid issues, bladder infections, diabetes, the female menopause and is said to also ais with indigestion. Citrine has the ability to absorb , transmute, dissipate and ground negative energy so never needs cleansing making it an excellent choice to protect your enviroment...

I hope you find the above useful, next time I will list more crystals and their properties, you can carry them around with you there is also jewellery available made from crystals soi you can wear them or place them around your home...Till next time love light and blessings...

A Day In My Life

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Hi All

I have been kept busy lately with house parties and 1 2 1's, I was recently asked to do The National Womans Day in Hamilton...I'am in the process of starting a development circle which will be done via Skype. There will be excercises for those in the circle that they will need to write up and send via e-mail for me to mark, psychic development is all about daily practice it is also important to meditate daily even if its only for 10 minutes this helps us clear the mind and meet our guides and angels...I'm considering doing my Masters in Reiki as I would then be able to teach this wonderful therapy, I'm also looking into learning to be a past life regresionist, I myself have had this done and it is a wonderful experience that can help clear up issues and health problems we experience in this life...My next blog will be about Crystals and how they can help you in everyday life also how their properties can help with ailments and emotional issues...