E-Mail Readings

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Hi all

Just to let you know that e-mail readings are available now on the price list page i am offering a 3 card spread for £10 sent you via e-mail...You can ask a question via the submission form or I can just tell you what the angels want you to know...It can be a looking ahead spread, a soul-mate spread or just a general reading...

Till later love light and blessings..

Crystals For Financial Wealth & Business Success

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Hi all

Hope this finds you all well and life good? Below I will be listing crystals to give you a financial boost and if you have a business can help with its success...

Blue Lace Agate...Gives you good communication skills
Carnelian.... removes fear of failur
Citrine... known as the merchants stone attracts wealth
Clear Quartz.... improves your memory and concentration
Fluorite.... improves concentration
Hematite.... keeps you grounded
Jade (yellow)... promotes mind agility
Lapis Lazuli.... encourages success, provides stress relief
Malachite.... encourages financial wealth through business
Snowflake Obsidian... removes fear of failure & protects against negativity
Tourmaline Quartz... promotes confidence
White Howlite... absorbs anger and promtes calm...

There you have it till later love light and blessings....

Crystals For Aura Protection

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Hi all today I'm going to list which crystals you can carry on you to protect your aura from negative energies, I will list their names and what they do I hope you find it interesting and informational....

Amethyst- Potects your aura from attack
Angelite- Draws upon protection from angelic realms
Apache Tears- Protects energies from being drained
Blacktourmaline- Protects and reflects back to the source
Flourite- Forms a protection around the chakras
Labradolite- Draws light towards you and removes unwanted energies from the aura
Malachite- Forms a protective layer aroound you
Opalite- Removes mood attachment
Selenite- Removes unwanted energies and repairs the aura
Smokey Quartz- keeps you grounded and protects your aura from harmful energies
Tiger Eye- Removes negative thought patterns

These crystals can be really useful for those that do hands on work i.e. massuers, healers, physotherapists etc, they are also useful for everyday use to protect your aura from negativity and can be helpful against electromagnetic pollution which I will be doing a seperate blog on over the next few days...Till later love light and blessings...

Loving Yourself

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True love begins with selflove most people dont truly love themselves for who they are and this causes issues in our lives...If you are able to look in a mirror and look yourself in the eye and say i.e. Betty Smith I love and accept you for who and what you are... then you do love yourself most people can take months to do this excecise fully here is some advice on how to selflove...

You may feel that you have no idea which direction to go.Many of you have been struggling in your life that the very thought of
your life no longer being a struggle is a foreign concept. As a result many people sabotage their own lives, which prevent them from
succeeding and thus solidifying the thought that life is really a struggle and they won't succeed. Sad to say, many people fall into
that category. So how do you begin living your best life?

First of all, living your best life means living life your own way. It means the things that gets with your heart and soul. That is
the part of you that was vibrant as a child, but as you become an adult and began facing adult responsibilities, you lose that part of
you. Are you feeling miserable, unhappy, discontented in your life? Well,that is because your authentic self is buried under self-criticism, judgments, low self-esteem and a low confidence level.

Here are ten best life quotes:
1. Heal your emotions
2. Make peace with your past
3. Set boundaries for your life and avoid being a doormat
4. Keep a Journal and write out your toxic thoughts and emotions
5. Stop beating up yourself for your mis-takes.
6. Work on your self-image
7. Reclaim your self-value
8. Become Powerful internally
9. Meditate
10. Love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY!

As you begin to apply these
best life quotes
to your life you will begin to see results. Start loving yourself.Developing a self-love for yourself will help you to do more loving things to and for yourself. This will also help you to
commit to living your best life now. There are going to be times when your life will seem as if it is not moving.When you are unable
to bear the weight of your journey, surrender to a higher power and this will help you to continue on your journey. Don't wait for
tomorrow to living your best life. You can't live it tomorrow if you haven't begun to live it today. You can only create a
powerful future when you have created and have begun living a powerful present.

I hope you find this inspirational and helpful please leave any comments you have below till later...Love light and blessings...

Reiki Healing For Children & Animals

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Hi All

I would just like to let you know that Reiki can be given to children and animals.It can help reduce stress in animals also calm the most energetic dog, cat etc, I have found it very beneficial for my own two dogs which are very energetic Boxers whom are full of endless energy.I put on some relaxing music and when they hear it they automatically lie down and have a sleeep as they do this I give them Reiki they let me know they have had enough by getting up and moving away...Children can also benefit from Reiki for many reasons and it is also very safe for them to be given Reiki, they also just walk away when they have had enough...It can help soothe nervous children, calm down the most energetic child and can also help with ailments they may have...I dont even need to give it to them hands on it can be sent to them remotely at a time when they will be relaxing for at least 10 minutes...Reiki is beneficail for everyone it is a safe way to clear emotional blockages, and heal ailments there is no condition it can't help with, if you would like to know more about Reiki and how it works there is a specific page on my site explaining it...I also have a healing group if you would like to add anyone to our healing list then please leave a comment on this blog and healing will be sent to them...Till next time love light and blessings...

Cosmic Ordering

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Hi all we have all heard of cosmic ordering even celebrities do it. We can all do but we have to know how to do it properly as you have to beware of what you wish or aks for as you will get exactly that...The late Barbel Mohr was one of the first orf many to introduce us to cosmic ordering and here is her advice for some of the key area's in life, we will start with wealth...All you have to do is simply say her words aloud while feeling their sentiment in every part of your body - and remember to give thanks after each request...


Not everyone is happy with millions.Millionaires are only really happy when their inner wealth is at least as great as their material wealth- this applies to the very few. Your goal is to be happy. At the same time expanding wealth is a universal principle of nature. Order the amount of expanding wealth that is right for you and which you are able to handle with ease.Work on your inner wealth the more you have, the more material wealth you will be able to maintain and carry. Inner wealth grows from dealing with problems in a positive way. If you heed the universal voice within, you can grow with every problem and discover a gift in every situation...

Say: " I order from the universe a life that is sufficiently abundant for me, and with which I'am best able to live out my highest potential"...

Now give thanks

I thank the universe everyday for the wealth that is already present, the wealth of nature, the wealth of feeling and love, and for everything that comes to mind: my home,clothing,water,food,air...

So there you have it how to cosmic order properly give it a try and let me know how you get on...The next blog on cosmic ordering will be Health I hope you enjoy till next time...
love light and blessings

A Poem By My Friend

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I would like to share with you all a beautiful poem my friend wrote and it has been published in a book..This is one of his many poems that have been published well done to him he is a very talented man...

It's that infernal, eternal question - What is love?
We all know that love is said to be the force which makes the world go round but what does it mean to us personally....


The flame of the candle
Is dancing and bright
Look into the flame
And you enter the light.

The past is behind you
Like a long winters night
Look into the flame
Knowing all is all right.

Believe in the future
Where dreams can come true
And thank angels above
For just being there with you.

By David Macey-Lillie

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did and well done David till later...
Love light and blessings xxx

Improving Your Life

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Hi All

Here are some more ways you can improve your life I hope you are enjoying my blogs as much as I'am enjoying writing them...I will be adding more about crystals also how to be a money magnet and some love spells and many more various issues enjoy...


This is a challange for you all over the next ten days say only positive things.Reframe, change the strucutre of your sentences, improvise do whatever need to express yourself in a positive way.Enjoy it have fun with it when you catch yourself moaning or complaining dont beat yourself up just simply laugh about it and start your ten days again. If you complete this excercise first time round please let me know...


We all love unexpected surpirses, so surprise someone you love.So do it send them a gift, a card, give them a hug, visit them or help them with a dauting task.Whatever you choose to do aim to show them your love and appreciation and do just that...


Think of everyone that you really appreciate having in your life, because they make you a richer better person.These people matter to you so let them know that.Next time you see one of them say "I love you" and smile they will appreciate it...


Sing, sing, sing out loud, choose a song that makes you want to sing along.Then close the door blast out your music and sing your heart out.Music is great for the soul, it can make you dance, sing, cry, lift you up when your feeling down there is a song and a tune for everything and one.So get your music on and feed your soul close your eye's and feel the music's vibrations fill your body and enjoy...

Till next time love light and blessings...