Opalite Stone of the Ages

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Opalite is a white stone with a blue tinge to it when turned to the light. It is known as 'The Stone of Angels' and encourages angelic connections. It is also good for diabetes, mood swings and fights fatigue and infection.

Opalite is also thought to be beneficial for business growth and financial wealth. It is thought to protect the newborn infant so would be a good choice of gift to welcome a new baby. Tip of the Day Wear Opalite to combat tiredness and fatigue. If you find you are still tired after a good nights sleep, place one stone under your pillow at night. To regenerate your energy throughout the day, hold in your right hand and visualize your the energy from your stone moving up your arm and flowing throughout your whole body

10 Of The Strangest Sleep Disorders

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Hi all thought I would share these with you if you have a think you may have a sleep disorder this might help you understand what it is so read on...

Sleep Cycle Interrupted

Normally when we sleep our brains are highly active while our bodies experience temporary paralysis. According to the National Sleep Foundation, REM behavior disorder blurs the lines between wakefulness,normal sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Sleepers with REM behavior disorder often act out their dreams in episodes that can be as mild as sleep talking or more extreme like hitting or punching...

Listed below are the names of these sleep disorders...

Sexsomnia (sleep sex)

Patients suffering from this condition perform sexual acts with their partners or themselves while asleep. Researchers documented cases that were as mild as making sexual sounds while sleeping and others that amounted to full-blown cases of violent sexual assault...

Other sleep disorders are often behind the unusual sleep behavior. In some instances clinics recommend counseling, psychotherapy or even anti depressants to manage the disorder...

Sleep Eating

Episodes usually involve high calorie foods (or other oddities like coffee grounds, cat food or cleaning products) eaten over a very short time and without the sleepers knowledge. Because sleep related eating is both a sleep disorder and eating disorder, the Mayo clinic points out the effects can be complex especially if the sleeper has other conditions like diabetes or food allergies.

The first signs of the condition often occur when the patients are in their 20's. Substance abuse withdrawal , medication side effects and separation anxiety can all trigger sleep eating...

Adult Bed Wetting

There are two types of adult bed wetting. Primary nocturnal enuresis happens when an adult never overcomes simple childhood bedwetting associated with potty training. The other is called adult onset enuresis which begins well in to adulthood.

The condition can be genetic, but a variety of factors, including diabetes can be at the root of the problem according to the Association of Continence. Increased production of urine during sleep or insufficient production of antidiuretic hormone (which normally inhibits nighttime urine production) can both lead to adult bedwetting...

Sleep Talking (somnilquy)

Ranging from snippets of gibberish to longer, sophisticated speeches, sleep talking can also be the symptom of another sleep disorder, such as REM behaviour disorder or sleep terrors. According to the National Sleep Foundation men and children are more likely to talk in their sleep than adult women...

Treatment isn't usually necessary , unless it's bothering your sleep partner. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is more often than not the solution to mild cases or persistent sleep talking...

Sleepwalking (somanmbulism)

One of the more common types of parasomnia ( an unusual or undesirable sleep behaviour) sleepwalking often occurs as a symtom of another condition such as sleep apnea, sleep deprivation or as a side effect from a medication. The National Sleep Foundation says a sleepwalker will not be harmed if you wake them. However because it can be difficult to rouse a sleepwalker they recommend gently escorting him or her back to bed instead...

Night Terrors

Though extreme nightmare spells are common among young children, adults with alcohol problems, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders or chronic stress are also susceptible. Night terrors also tend to run in families. Unlike children adults who experience night terrors more often remember fragments of their nightmares.

These intense nightmares are typically characterized by screaming, violent thrashing, sweating, heavy breathing and a racing pulse. In the grip of night terrors some adults will even get out of bed and frantically run around the room...


Though it may seem that way narcolepsy actually has nothing to do with a lack of sleep. The Mayo clinic concedes that the root cause of narcolepsy remains a mystery, but some doctors say genetics, infection and exposure to toxins may have something to do with it.

Sudden but brief attacks of sleep are the hallmark of narcolepsy, but other symptoms include extreme daytime drowisness, hallucinations, temporary paralysis and slurred speech...

Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Characterised by grinding or clenching of the teeth during sleep, bruxism is often taken very seriously because of it's potential to be caused by or lead to other medical problems. Physically, bruxism is often identified from the chronic facial pain or headaches it can cause.

The Mayo Clinic say it can also be the result of sleep apnea or chronic snoring. Dentists will frequently prescribe a protective mouth guard and a muscle relaxant to reduce the symptoms and prevent tooth damage...

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is characterised by the constant urge to move your legs when asleep or resting. Uncomfortable sensations such as tingling, itching or aching often occur in addition to restlessness interfering with a patients ability to get a good nights sleep.

Those suffering from the condition will involuntary jerk their limbs around, as the movement helps relieve the urge. Because of the serious sleep deprivation associated with the neurological disorder, many of those with restless leg syndrome are misdiagnosed with depression...

So there you have it the strangest sleep disorders I hope you enjoy the post and look forward to your comments...

Till later love, light and blessings...

The Angels In Our Life

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The angels in our life
Some people come into our lives through strange coincidences.
Their presence seems mysterious, but they are here for a reason.
We don't always understand where they come from or why they manifest in our life.
Usually they are compassionate individuals who we have attracted by something we have said or done.
But sometimes their light is so bright and their words are so kind and warm that we feel we are experiencing angels in the form of a human being.
After a while we can't stop thinking about them.
Sometimes they become our friends, companions, partners, mentors or guardians.
Their main purpose is to guide us and support us through difficult times.
They are here to help us discover our inner strenghts and our own beauty.
They give us hope and encouragement when we feel lonely or discouraged.
They make us believe in ourselves and trust our intuition.
They give us the inspiration we need to find our hidden creativity.
They show us new perspectives and help us fulfill our dreams.
They teach us the importance of patience and that never giving up is our greatest power.
They show us that even the smallest act of caring has the potential to turn a life around.
They help us realize that being alone does not mean being lonely. Solitude can help us grow.
They teach us how to change our attitude by using the magic of positive thinking.
They help us change old thought-patterns and misconceptions in our subconscious mind.
They teach us the power of gratitude and that being thankful for what we have can change our life.
They help us realize that what we thought we wanted is not always what we need.
They help us realize that disappointments can often be blessings in disguise.
They help us realize that we sometimes have to protect ourselves by leaving negative people and environments.
They help us realize that life is short and that we can control our destiny by making the right choices.
They help us realize that being positive is good, but that saying no is often the right thing to do.
They help us realize that when we feel happy or miserable, it is often a direct result of our ability to say no.
They help us realize how important it is to avoid pressures from other people and to trust our gut feeling.
They help us realize that if we listen to too much advice, we may wind up making other people's mistakes.
They help us realize that we often have to create the circumstances we need.
They help us realize that giving is more important and satisfying than receiving.
They show us that helping others can be an amazing way to help ourselves.
They show us how we can use our own experience to help others.
They support us when we need to let go of painful emotions from our past.
They teach us how to heal our own pain and sorrow and how to help others heal their pain and sorrow.
They comfort us when we need a hug or a shoulder to cry on.
They teach us about the importance of affection, tenderness and the joys of love.
They make us come alive, enjoy every moment and experience real happiness.
They open our hearts and minds to beautiful thoughts and emotions.
They help us connect with our true self and to open our soul.
They show us our deepest purpose and the meaning of life.
They give us a sense of belonging here on planet Earth.
Let us be thankful for the angels in our life

The Benefits of Buying a Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are believed to create negatively charged ions in the air. This is a good thing because modern day pollution and electrical equipment creates positive ions in the air which are potentially harmful to us and cause air quality in areas affected to deteriorate. By using a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp you replace the negatively charged ions in the air which helps us to avoid the alleged physical and mental harm that the electric smog creates. A salt lamp is suitable for use near televisions and computers, around smokers, in offices, in therapy rooms to promote relaxation and healing.    A salt lamp will Negatively charge the air that you breath whilst at the same time give off a gentle heat. They can bring the benefits of a being in health spa or sitting on the top of a mountain breathing in the fresh air directly into your living room. They are thought to be beneficial for those suffering with respiratory issues, mild depression, sleep disorders, migraine, high blood pressure and are great for stress relief.   You will note from our pictures on the web, and those who have visited spirit walker, we have a large number of these on all day and every day.       Tip of the DayPlace a salt lamp close to your television. It adds a nice glow to the room, creating a relaxing and stress free atmosphere. it is not distracting when watching the TV but it does combat the positive ions that the TV will be producing.

Essential Oils For Balancing the Chakras

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Balancing the Chakra

Simple Ways To Declutter Your Home - Part 2

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Hi All

Today I continue with decluttering your home I am very pleased so many of you are enjoying this post so read on...

3 Containers Handy

As you work to remove things you no longer need keep 3 containers beside you: A laundry basket, a donation bag and a bag for rubbish/ recycling. Put things that belong elsewhere in the house in the laundry basket i.e. clothes, hairdryer etc. Donate as much as you can to charities and recycle or bin the rest...

Gather Like Things Together

If you don't know where to start work from left to right in the room or from top to bottom sorting things as you go. So gather all of your pens and pencils together, pile up all of your pairs of jeans together or place all of your cereals in a group depending in which room you are working. Don't stop to worry about whether you will keep an item or where you will put it. This will only slow down the process and overwhelm you...

Examine Your Groups

Now that all of your similar things are in one pile you can make decisions about them. Do you really need 20 pairs of black trousers? Some people keep trousers in so many different drawers and cupboards they have no idea they have so many pairs. Seeing them all together can be eye opening get rid of items that are not being used or are broken. Then narrow each pile down to your favourites.

We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time which jeans do you actually wear? Which pens still work? Which items are you most likely to use? By the end of this winnowing you can get a group of 20 items down to a few...

Create Themes For Your Spaces

Assign a broad yet specific theme to every area of your space. If you are working in your kitchen, dedicate one shelf to breakfast foods, one to canned goods, one to grains and pasta's and one to baking supplies etc. Make sure that items are at a sensible height so that whoever spends most time in the kitchen can read the labels...

And there we have the continuation of decluttering there will be more post to follow on this subject so watch this space...

Till later love, light and blessings...

Simple Ways To Declutter Your Home - Part 3

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Maximise Your Space

Brainstrom various ways you can make the most of your space. Many kitchens and cupboards have adjustable shelving, if the cook cannot reach the pasta shelf make it lower. If your cupboard shelves are fixed buy some stackers. These are fireboard shelves that can give you more space. Canned goods tend to be short for example so you can create two layers with an additional shelf. Things that are used most often should get the prime real estate- the counter top of the lower shelves. If you are working on wardrobes you can also add shelves...

Get Things Off The Floor

Whenever possible keep things off the floor. This makes them easier to see and keeps the floor free of chaos. This is especially useful in the garage or garden shed, where you can hang rakes, garden implements, tools, shovels, sleds and other tools making them much easier to find...

Cure Your Flat Surface Disease

Many people are visual thinkers and like to have all of their things out where they can see them. The end result their tables, desks and countertops are covered with stacks of paperwork and other things. Fortunately its curable. After you've divided all of the clutter into piles of like things find homes for all of them. If piles of post are a problem find a container to put them in. When that container is full schedule time to go through it throwing away as much as you can...

Make Rainbows In Your Wardrobe

When organising your clothing hang all of your dresses together, with the lightest coloured ones on the left progressing to the darkest on the right. Do the same with your shirts, skirts, trousers and jackets. When you arrange them by colour within the category it is easy to see where the trousers end and the shirts begin...

Light Up Your Space

The rooms where people tend to pile up the most junk tend to be poorly lit. Dim lighting makes a room univiting and a good dumping ground. Warm over head lighting can make a room much more welcoming to people and hostile to junk...

Store Items Near Where You Will Use Them

In the kitchen keep things that you use everyday on lower shelves that easily accessible. Store items you use less frequently on the higher shelves or elsewhere. For example if you only use your turkey roasting tin once a year dont give it prime location in the kitchen. And if you don't drink coffee don't let a big coffee maker take up room on your counter, just because guests might drop by someday forget someday focus on now...

So there we have another 6 tips to decluttering and more to come I hope you are all enjoying these posts....

Till later love,light and blessings...

Simple Ways To Declutter Your Home

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Hi All

Today I am giving you simple and easy tips to declutter your home you will also find these practical...

Make A Date With Your Clutter

We have such busy lives that we don't have time to declutter on a regular basis so the first thing to do is mark a day off on your calendar to begin organising. Take two hours that day and set it aside to start getting things in order...

Pick A Target

Look around your home and decide what overwhelms you the most. What frustrates you the most often? Is it your wardrobe? The kitchen cupboards or drawers? Or is it the stacks of papers on your office floor if you have one? Pick the area that is most maddening and start there, don't go anywhere else while you are working on that space...

Visualize The End Result

When most people decide to get organised their first impulse is to rush to the shop and buy containers. But that is putting the cart before the horse. The first thing you need to do is think about your goal. What would you like your space to look like? What function would you like it to serve?

Taking action to tackle your chaos is easier when you know where your headed. So hold off on the containers for now and work on your vision. Besides later on when you figure out what containers you need chances are you already have some in your home that can be repurposed...

Shred The Surplus

Go through your target space and remove everything that doesn't with your current needs, goals and lifestyle. Don't keep things that might be useful someday, only things that are useful to you today. Be honest with yourself. Do you use this item? Do you need it? Or do you love it? Those are the only three reasons to keep something.

Just because someone else decides to give you something doesn't mean you have to keep it. If you are keeping it out of loyalty you are doing yourself a disservice and a disservice to the person who gave you it by not using it so give it to someone who will...

So there you have it the first 4 simple ways to begin decluttering I hope you find them useful and will be adding more tomorrow...

Till later love, light and blessings...