Don't Pursue Happiness Create It

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Develop Attitude Of Gratitude

It say's it all. Without gratitude you have nothing at all even if you posses a multitude of richies in the world and are the luckiest person alive. Without gratitude you simply wouldn't be able to enjoy any of it.

On the other hand with a strong sense of gratitude you'll become a very strong , powerful, all round happy and content human being. It is the most important human quality to have and together with humility are the prerequisite for all of the rest. Start by writing down 100 things for which you are grateful for in your life. It is the most magnificent exercise that will make you realize in depth a lot about your life. Make it a habit to acknowledge everyday things that made you happy through out ther day and things for which you are grateful in your present circumstances. Make it your focus and they will grow. If you make your focus things that trouble you they will grow too. If that is true and it is then your choice is clear. It all starts with developing a strong sense of attitude of gratitude...